The second annual Energy Wise Show returns to Totnes Civic Hall on Saturday, November 11, which aims to support people during the energy crisis. 

The show will run from 12-5pm to help people better prepare for the colder winter months. 

A spokesperson for the event said: “With rising energy bills and a cost-of-living crisis, experts are on hand to help people find ways to reduce their energy costs and waste, as well as make long-term changes to minimise their carbon footprint.”

The event is being organised by Jem Friar with funding from Totnes Town Council and the support of local charity, Transition Town Totnes, which provides people and projects with the support they need to find local solutions to global challenges that affect how our communities live. When it comes to the energy crisis, helping people transition away from a reliance on fossil fuels and move towards more sustainable sources of energy, can make a positive difference to people’s lives and the planet. 

Jem said:“No matter (if) you own your own home, or you’re a tenant, there’s help and support available in the form of advice to reduce energy use as well as Government grants to install solar panels and heat pumps.”

Throughout the day, there will be talks from local energy projects in Totnes and South Devon who will be on hand to offer support and inspiration, as well as practical information from trained energy advisors. Totnes Renewable Energy Society will be inviting people to join the Totnes Local Energy Club, which allows people to buy local renewable energy.

There’ll also be information and help with smart meters, advice on the installation of energy saving measures such as retrofitting, providers of home visits, heating control advice, support applying for discounts, plus the chance to share ideas and experiences with others.

The event follows the recent Eco Homes Weekend which showcased some of the most sustainable homes in Totnes and Dartington. Jem invited people into his home to share how retrofitting has made a previously energy inefficient house into a smart eco home, and so he’ll be able giving advice from both a personal and practical perspective.

He said: “My 1990s house was originally a housing association home with poor insulation, an inefficient and expensive immersion tank for hot water and only electric storage heaters to heat the house. As such, the house was cold, drafty and expensive to heat. Over the past two years, the insulation has all been upgraded and greatly improved. Its efficiency has also been massively improved by the additions of a Mixergy water tank, an air source heat pump and solar panels. Many of these upgrades were done at low cost with the help of various Government backed funding schemes and they will be advice on how people can best apply for these schemes during the Energy Wise Show.”

If you are concerned about the rising energy costs, uncertain about what support is available, want to know more about decreasing your energy use in general, you’ll find advice from a range of advisors, professionals, and local residents.