The Labour Party has chosen a senior Plymouth city councillor as their parliamentary candidate in South West Devon.

Sarah Allen was chosen to contest the seat which Conservative MP Sir Gary Streeter stands down from after 27 years.

Sarah, who works for an education union and is the chair of Plymouth City Council’s Audit and Governance Committee, said it was a “huge honour” to be selected to run in the July 4 election.

“There are no ‘no-go’ areas for Labour in this election,” said Sarah, who overturned a significant Conservative majority to win her council seat in 2019.

“I have lived in the South Hams and I know its communities well.

“I also know that 14 years of the Conservatives have left their mark on our corner of Devon.

"Farmers are struggling to make ends meet, rural poverty is endemic and you simply don’t know if an ambulance will arrive when you need it.

“It’s time for a change and that’s why I want to fight to improve the lives of people right across the constituency as South West Devon’s representative in parliament under a Labour government,” said Sarah, who is a parent of two children.

Sue Dann, who is chair of the South West Devon Constituency Labour Party, said Sarah brings a “wealth of experience” to the role.

“She knows the struggles families have to make ends meet,” said Sue.

“Her work highlights the pressures in our schools, whilst her role as a councillor gives her firsthand knowledge of the importance of good local public services.