I was so pleased last Thursday evening when driving to Totnes to be told that the road was closing, all night, for repairs. I have made many representations to Devon County Council about the atrocious condition of the road at Halwell. Another reader made comment in a ­letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago, I believe.

Does the public know that there is a pothole-reporting ­section on the DCC website?

On Saturday I had to travel to Totnes again. I was full of joy at the supposed smooth ride I would enjoy. I passed Totnes Cross filling station, only to find the most ineffectual and poorly laid repair I have ever seen. Far from the smooth ­surface expected, I found that much of the pothole-riddled road was untouched, while the quality of the work in those places where some tar had been laid was amateurish in the extreme.

I imagine it would have been completed in two hours flat, never mind an all-night job. What was the road team doing for the other 10 hours? There is only so much tea that can be drunk. Does anyone actually supervise these repairs? And could the section outside the Old Inn pub in Halwell and beyond, towards Totnes, not have been done at the same time?

Appalling standards – and little better than we have had to endure for the past 12 months.

John Peacock

Kenwith Drive