Kingsbridge Fire Station received its brand-new Medium Rescue Pump appliance last week.

The vehicle, which was designed by firefighters, for firefighters is loaded with an abundance of life-saving 'kit' to cater for almost any incident that crews might be called to. The new fire appliance has already proven its worth during its first operational outings this week.

The crew responded to an automatic fire alarm activation on Saturday. Fortunately, it was nothing more than fumes from slightly burnt cooking. However, the team christened the MRP with its first fire earlier this week.

At 1.46 pm on Monday, June 3, Kingsbridge fire crews were turned out to a car fire at Avon Mill. The fire was quickly contained and extinguished within the car's engine bay, thanks to the advanced capabilities of the new appliance. Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel jet to tackle the blaze and employed eDRAULIC spreaders to open the car's bonnet swiftly. The new hose reels have an increased internal diameter of 22mm, significantly enhancing water flow and firefighting efficiency.

The crew thanked Avon Mill for offering coffee while they cleaned and stowed their equipment. Despite a 'tight squeeze' navigating the bridge due to the new fire engine's increased size, the crews are confident they can access most areas but are asking residents to be considerate when parking and be mindful of access. Residents also might see the crew out more in the evenings as they familiarize themselves with the best routes for the new appliance.