Most people in the South Hams are concerned about green issues

Most people in the region are concerned about the environment, social inequality and poor corporate governance according to a new survey.

Thursday 16th June 2022 12:00 pm
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A survey of 10,000 people across the country shows that in the South West 74 per cent are concerned about environmental issues, 57 per cent about social inequality, and 63 per cent about poor corporate governance.

But while 81 per cent recycle and 54 per cent avoid single-use plastics, most fail to invest their savings in line with their convictions.

33% of people surveyed in the South West don’t know how they should invest while 52 per cent don’t know where they are invested.

Research carried out by Aegon UK among 10,000 people across the UK reveals the relationship between investing sustainably and a sense of financial wellbeing.

Nationally people are concerned about Environmental Social and Governance issues but there is often a mismatch between intent and action. 74 per cent of those in the South West are anxious about global warming and other environmental issues. 57 per cent admit that they are concerned about societal inequality and 63 per cent worry about poor corporate governance practices.

Significant numbers of those in the region also take day-to-day actions in support of their beliefs, with 81 per cent saying they recycle, 54 per cent avoiding-single-use plastics, and 43% buying local produce. However, the research suggests that most people don’t invest in funds that have sustainability criteria built in.

In the South West, 56 per cent say they want to invest some of their savings sustainably, but only 28 per cent actually do so. Significantly, 52 per cent don’t know where they are invested and 33 per cent don’t know where they should invest, suggesting that a lack of investment knowledge and confidence may be a factor in this ‘intent vs action gap’.

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