Kindness shown after street trip

Thursday 7th June 2018 1:47 pm

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May we, through your newspaper, thank local people for all the help and kindess we were shown when my husband tripped and fell heavily by the cross on The Plains in Totnes.

An ambulance was immediately sent for and so many people came to offer help and support.

Particular thanks are due to the man who brought an ice pack for the bruising, and to the people from Food for Thought who took care of both of us.

The woman who held the umbrella to shield my husband from the sun, and the lady who stayed with us to support us, are both due special thanks, as does the town councillor who stopped to inquire whether we need any further assistance.

We were overwhelmed by the care and concern expressed by so many people in your lovely town, and we want to thank you all.

Fortunately the injuries are not as serious as they looked at the time, and we would like to thank Dave and Jenna, the paramedics who attended, and also the staff at Torbay Hospital who were diligent, kind and reassuring.

Beryl and Terry Quinlan

Deans Gardens, Chepstow


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