Nat West is to close its Dartmouth Branch on Duke Street, on Monday, June 11, 2018. Its cash machine will close also. Service will be replaced by a mobile branch in much the same way as Lloyds Bank replaced its branch.

The staff have told they their jobs in Dartmouth will go but they must not make a statement about the closure.

Next year, on Thursday, January 4, customers will receive a letter from Nat West advising them of what service from the bank will remain. It will be limited to the mobile bank.

The Post Office at the Spar on Victoria Road, will be the only place in Dartmouth where cash can be paid-in.

Following the closure of Lloyds and before that, HSBC, the town lost two of its 24-hr cash machines, leaving it with just one at Nat West and one, an ‘independent’, between McColls and Jack Wills shop (where Lloyds used to be) on the Boatfloat. The Nat West closure will leave just one 24-hr machine.

On Easter weekend, Regatta week and Music Festival, the machines would always run out. This closure will mean they will run out earlier.