Santander is becoming the latest bank to close its Kingsbridge branch, leaving customers to travel to Totnes.

The bank is closing its branch in Kingsbridge from November, citing “changing customer behaviour, branch and digital channel usage”.

The next closest Santander branch is in Totnes.

Santander follows NatWest, who closed their Kingsbridge branch in September 2015, but Kingsbridge is still in a much better position than Salcombe, which no longer has a single bank in the whole town. Kingsbridge still has Lloyds, Barclays and HSBC branches.

A Santander representative said: “Santander is committed to ensuring we provide a good level of service that meets the changing needs of our customers. In order to do this we continually review our branch network, and sometimes need to make difficult decisions over our less utilised branches, ensuring colleagues and customers are informed well in advance of any changes.

“As a result of our recent review, Santander has announced it will be closing its Kingsbridge branch in November 2017.

“This decision has not been taken lightly and follows a strategic review looking across our UK branch network, changing customer behaviour, branch and digital channel usage, alternative ways for our customers to bank with us, whilst supporting local communities.

“Closing our lesser used branches means we’re able to reinvest in our branch network to improve facilities, as well as investing further in digital capabilities to deliver a better experience for our customers, whilst continuing to provide services to local communities.

“Santander is committed to its programme of refurbishing branches and investing in its network, and over the last two years we have completely refurbished 140 branches, including some of the largest and busiest, and this will continue in 2017.

“The nearest alternative Santander branches are located at Totnes, Plymstock and Plympton. As well as visiting other Santander branches, customers may find it convenient to use online, mobile or telephone banking, offering flexibility in how and when they manage their money.

“In addition, all Santander current account holders can use the Post Office for cash and cheque deposits, withdrawals and to check their account balance.

“Santander is committed to maintaining employment and retaining colleagues by offering suitable alternative roles. We will look to transfer the majority of colleagues impacted into branches within the same locality or into other roles in our retail division. ?“Opportunities for impacted colleagues will also be considered in other business areas as well as options to work flexibly such as increasing job shares and part-time working.”