Animal-lovers are being invited to come up with a name for a rescue foal who is lucky to be alive.

The young filly, born at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary near Totnes, is the charity’s 1,000th rescue.

She arrived on April 30th but quickly developed a life-threatening condition.

The quick-thinking actions of staff and vets saved her life and now the charity is inviting the public to name their newest foal to celebrate her survival.

Her mum, Fuzzy Bear arrived with two other pregnant mares relinquished as part of a multi-agency rescue led by the RSPCA.  

Soon after birth, Fuzzy’s filly foal started to show the early signs of colic; tail swishing, being restless and agitated.  

As her condition worsened, the foal was rushed to Western Counties Equine Hospital, where she stayed for five days of intensive care.

The cause of the young foal’s pain was diagnosed as spasming of her urethra which was preventing her from emptying her bladder.? A catheter was placed to allow the foal to urinate freely and she was monitored carefully over the next few days.  Once the catheter was removed and it was clear that the foal could urinate normally, she was returned to the sanctuary.  

Sarah Jane Williamson, the charity’s chief executive, said:  “Fuzzy Bear’s foal is doing well now, but only thanks to the lifesaving treatment she received in our care and with the help of the veterinary teams.  

“We thank everyone for their donations and messages of support recently, and we want Fuzzy’s Bear’s foal to be named by our supporters to demonstrate our heartfelt appreciation.”  

To submit a name suggestion for the foal visit

The name be chosen at random and announced on Monday 18 May.