After fifteen years of service, a shopkeeper has closed her doors for the last time.

Sally Pound has been the shopkeeper at Start Bay Stores and Post Office for the last 15 years, but she closed the doors for the last time on Sunday, September 30.

During her time, Sally made the shop the centre of the community, and not even the road being swept away would stop her!

When the March storms destroyed the A379 between Strete Gate and Torcross, this did not deter Sally, who cycled from her home in Strete to open up the shop at 7.30am every day, regardless of the weather.

Seventy people attended a farewell party, held at Bill and Jane Ireland’s house when Sally was presented with a collection of £700 and a piece of jewellery from Torcross jewellery maker, Helen Butler.

Martin Collins, who presented Sally with her farewell gifts said: “Sally’s dedication was so appreciated by all her customers. She will be much missed, not just by locals but holidaymakers as well.

“She knew us all so well that she could tell you what you wanted, even if you had forgotten!”

The closure has come about because owner, Anne Dunlop, who ran the shop herself for 36 years, has regretfully decided to sell the premises.

Anne’s dedication to Torcross was also marked by a gift of a bouquet of flowers.

Sally is taking a well-earned rest before working in childcare.

Sally said: “It has been a privilege to serve all my customers, both local and holidaymakers. I will miss them all.”