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Saturday 6th January 2018 9:00 am

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Hilary Bastone is to be thanked for pointing out the error in my letter of December 16 about the ‘information board’ recently erected in Dartmouth’s Royal Avenue Gardens, but as the error was not on the board he cannot claim the prize as he requests.

He has, however, been awarded a consolation prize for conscientious proof-reading, and Karen Perrow receives a present by way of abject apologies for having spelt her name wrongly.

Gifts of Dartmouth fudge have been presented.

The winner of the prize for identifying the most errors on the board wishes to remain anonymous, and declines to have their photograph taken with Cllr Jonathan Hawkins, whose council-backed largesse part funded the board, and about which he is ‘very pleased’.

I hope Jonathan will not be too disappointed.

More importantly, the visitor centre’s name needs to be corrected to ‘Tourist Misinform­ation Centre’.

And, as the same map is used for the town brochure given to visitors, the stock should be pulped.

Who would be liable for the cost, including reprinting, is unclear. Perhaps Hilary or Karen can tell us.

Meanwhile, Cllr Gina Coles is no doubt applying for retrospective permission to have the advertising board erected or, if not, explain why not.

I doubt permission will be granted unless and until the errors have been corrected, lest the embarrassing board becomes a graffiti magnet.

Happy New Year!

Richard Rawlins

Beacon Road, Kingswear


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