Years of following his dream of becoming a professional songwriter have paid off for local musician Tez Locke, who has recently been offered a record contract.

Tez, who grew up in West Charleton and Venn, submitted his original song Howling at the Moon to the artists and repertoire department of London-based label, Copper Brown - who said they were “blown away” by the song.

"Howling At The Moon is a a quirky alt-contemporary style track about the dark love between werewolves and creatures of the night," said Tez.

Tez has been a feature on the South Hams music scene for a long time now, and can often be seen playing at open mic events where he tries out new songs and jams with other local musicians.

One local musician, Mat Cook not only produced the demo, but also plays several instruments on the track, “bringing his own particular style and experience to enhance the song and make it a winner,” said Tez.

Tez and Mat have been collaborating on recording Tez’s songs for some years now, and can often be seen playing together at open mic gigs in the area.

Tez has played solo and in various bands and duos for many years. He had some success back in the 1970s with his band Springheel Jack, and in the 1980s with Smart Alec, which released two singles at the time.

He is a prolific writer with nearly 100 original country, pop, rock and blues songs to his name.

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