RESIDENTS of Halwell and Moreleigh, together with users of the A381, may have noticed teams of local people wearing yellow jackets stood by the roadside over recent months.

These are members of the Devon and Cornwall Police Volunteer Programme, who are working with Police on the Community Speed Watch initiative.

The Halwell and Moreleigh scheme has now been extended to include The Mounts, with their first speed monitoring session there taking place on Wednesday November 14.

Of 197 vehicles that passed the monitoring point, 36 were exceeding the speed limit, and of those, the 19 worst offenders will be receiving a warning letter in the post from the police.

Sgt Dave Green said: 'This initiative is aimed at educating drivers and raising awareness of the problems of speeding through local communities. It is not aimed at prosecuting large numbers of people, although in the case of repeat offenders police will take enforcement action. The volunteers are fully vetted and trained by local police to monitor the speed of passing traffic, and to note the registration numbers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit. These details are then passed to the police who send out advisory letters as appropriate. The activities of the volunteer 'Speed Watchers' are notified to me in advance, and they operate under strict rules governing the location and times they can do their data gathering.

'This scheme gives local people the opportunity to not just express a view, but to actively assist police in doing something positive about excess speed in their community. No doubt we can all think of occasions when ourselves or someone we know has had a 'near miss' while out walking. Communities now have the chance to help prevent these near misses becoming actual injuries or worse.

'I am keen to hear from anyone who would like to join the volunteers particularly in Moreleigh, Halwell or The Mounts, or indeed to set up a similar scheme in your local area. I can be contacted at Kingsbridge Police Station on 101, or by email [email protected]">[email protected].'