Singer-songwriter John Bramwell, formerly of the Manchester band I Am Kloot and now solo is bringing songs from his new album The Light Fantastic to Totnes next month.

The first single, A World Full of Flowers is out on February 23 from Townsend Music.

John comes from Hyde, which is just outside Manchester and he explains how it all began: “When I was seven my sister had been learning to play guitar, she was 11 at the time, and she had music lessons which didn’t go well but I picked up the guitar.

“I’d been learning all the chords but it sounded bloody terrible and we moved house when I was 10.

“Next door was this other lad who was a year older than me called Jim Machin and he said you’ve got to tune the guitar.

‘’When I’d done that it sounded fantastic!”

John found school tough and he wasn’t academically minded so he couldn’t wait to leave.

Once he left he began gigging alongside doing various jobs as a van driver, working in a supermarket and other things.

He supported the La’s and John Cooper-Clark.

John didn’t become professional until he was 31 as he explained: “I got a job booking bands at a place called Night and Day.

“It was based in what is now the trendy Northern Quarter. Doing this job I started to learn more about the business.

“We formed I Am Kloot in 1999 but kept it secret at work but started putting up posters to advertise our gigs.

“We gigged all over the place, including Glastonbury and Latitudes.”

I Am Kloot were nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2010 for their acclaimed Sky At Night album. The band never split up but just stopped and now John’s gone solo but still with friends: “My bandmates are multi-instrumentalists Dave Fidler on guitar, bass and singing and Adrian Gautrey on guitar, keyboard and singers.”

In terms of his musical style John says: “I don’t categorise myself but I’m a bit like Paul Simon and Jose Feliciano.”

A World Full Of Flowers veers away from the darker sound that he is most synonymous with I Am Kloot.

With its joyous feel and almost Beatles-esque air, the track is full of lush melodic vocal harmonies over a Beck sounding syncopated drum loop, atmospheric Fleet Foxes soundscapes and hand claps.

It’s a welcome return and one that offers a glimpse into John’s new material, which as he puts it himself “are the most uplifting songs of my career”. John’s gig in Totnes is not the first time he’s been here as he remarks:

“Myself and an ex-girlfrend did the South West walk through Devon.

“One night we were camping and woke up to find a cow sitting on the tent. We could have been killed but I love this part of the world and I want to thank Drift Records in Totnes for all their support for live music.”

John will perform in the South Hams on Friday March 22 at The Barrel House Ballroom in Totnes.