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Friday 5th January 2018 1:00 am

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As a regular reader, I deplore the headline and story about the man with the giant guitar, especially at this festive and generous time of year.

What good does it serve to characterise a private trade dispute with a German museum as a “battle” in your headline or in the first paragraph talk of declaring war on “the Germans”? British and German people have been at peace for 70 years – more than three generations – and yet you play the tabloid race card by framing a simple local story with wartime connotations.

Are you unaware that a significant number of German tourists and students visit our area throughout the year, that we have German residents who chose to move here and that prior to the Second World War a number of German refugees found sanctuary and a new life in and around Dartington Hall, many of whom made significant contributions to British life?

The fact that this constituency voted ‘remain’ might indicate to you that the majority of the local population are not interested in rehashing tired national enmities.

I’m sceptical of the Stop Funding Hate campaign, but am beginning to see what insidious and insular press attitudes they’re arguing against.

So get over it and wake up to the 21st century – it’s nearly 2018.

Matt White


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