After stormy weather and a challenging 142 mile row, the Dart Gig rowers have returned home from Guernsey.

The rowers returned to cheering crowds in Dartmouth on Tuesday evening after rowing to Guernsey and back for charity.

After leaving very early on Friday morning, the team arrived in Guernsey at 8pm after 20 hours on the water. They encountered stormy seas and even some lightening.

Two teams of rowers left Dartmouth and had planned to alternate every two hours but some crew members suffered with sea sickness which meant others had to step up.

When the team reached Guernsey they were exhausted and realised the stormy weather would prevent them returning to Dartmouth as planned on the Sunday.

The team spent a few days stuck in Guernsey, recovering from the exhausting 20 hours of rowing, while they waited for the swell to lessen.

On Tuesday, July 31, at around 6am the rowing team with the safety boat left Guernsey for Dartmouth in the hope of arriving before nightfall.

The gig was spotted at Start Point at around 8pm which allowed those waiting in Dartmouth to rally the supporters. The return journey took 16 hours with better weather and a stronger crew.

Some dolphins were spotted and even a whale.

Normally, the rowers are only in the gig for a maximum of two and half hours in a day, so the 142 mile journey was a huge challenge.

Upon arriving into the harbour, the crew was met with two other gigs which allowed all partaking rowers to row the final leg of the challenge together. In addition, may supporters in boats escorted the rowers back into the harbour.

The Embankment was packed with supporters who cheered the rowers on and met them with celebratory champagne.

Liz Mosely, chairman of the gig club, who owns the Crab and Bucket organised a buffet for the rowers.

The challenge was in aid of Children’s Hospice South West and the Dart Pilot Gig Club which is trying to fund a new competitive racing Cornish Pilot Gig. The aim was to raise £15,000.Although the boats have a long lifespan, the race boats need to be replaced every five years to remain competitive and a new gig built from elm costs approximately £25,000.

The hospice is dedicated to making the most of short and precious lives through the provision of the best possible hospice care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions.

All donations are welcome on the Dart Gig Club Virgin Money Giving fund raising page.

The team of rowers and coxes include Liam Hassard, Michael Bryant-Mole, Tara Harwood, Matthew Bennett, Bev Worthington, Sandra Dring, Lance Worthington, Ian McMasters, Danny Chivers, Will Atkins, James Agates, Cara Bennellick, Tess Preston, Rupert Kempley, Chris Gale, Nic Butler, Helen Watson, Stan Bray, Phil Green, Crispin Brabner, Alison Bland and Dave Sharam.

Other helpers include Owen Malia, Peta Chivers, Bob Llyod, Katie Lillington, Laura Robertson and Sue Tweed. In addition the chairman of the gig club, Liz Mosely was involved in the event and a support physiotherapist, Nicky Lewis.