A new poll suggests that Conservative MP for South Devon, Anthony Mangnall, would lose his seat if a general election was to be held now. 

The first major survey released by YouGov this week puts the Liberal Democrat candidate Caroline Voaden seven points ahead with a 39 per cent share of the vote, with Mr Mangnall trailing in second place on 32 per cent. 

The result would overturn the 2019 General Election result, when Mr Mangnall won with a majority of 12,724.

The constituency, previously called ‘Totnes’, has been a Conservative safe seat since 1997. 

Asked to comment, Mr Mangnall said: “Why are you specifically doing a story on one poll when there are multiple other polls that show the seat being held by the Conservatives?

“It’s typical, blatant bias from you, as per usual. Most other ones have me still winning.” 

Both The Economist and the Financial Times predict that Mr Mangnall will hold his seat, albeit with a reduced share of the vote. 

However the YouGov result would be in line with the poll’s headline prediction of a Tory wipeout on July 4, with Labour winning by a greater majority than in 1997. 

YouGov surveyed more than 50,000 people. It suggests Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is on track to win by a massive majority of 194, with 422 seats across the UK. The Conservatives would win just 140 seats - the worst performance by the Tories since 1906.

Ms Voaden was asked to comment but did not respond as we went to press.

Caroline Voaden (Contributed)

Anthony Mangnall