BMX bikers, skaters and scooters could be in line for a new track on which to showcase their skills.

South Hams Council meets next week to consider building a figure-of-eight asphalt track, complete with banking and other go-faster features.

The track would be designated for ‘wheeled sports’, a definition which also includes skaters and scooters.

The facility at Woolwell is the third boost for local wheelers to be considered by the council in recent months, with permission already having been given for new facilities at Kingsbridge and Totnes.

Members of the planning committee will assess the application at a meeting next week for the track at Woolwell, to the north of the city.

They will be asked to decide if the track ticks the boxes for ’permitted development’ on the land, meaning it could go ahead without going through the conventional planning process.

South Hams Council already owns the land and is also the applicant for the proposal.

The track would be built on land south of the Woolwell Community Centre off Darklake Lane. Members of the committee are being recommended to give it the green light.