Police Commissioner to visit Dartmouth

By Kate Cotton   |   Dartmouth Reporter   |
Tuesday 15th February 2022 7:00 am
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Left to right Stuart Greaves, Ashprington Parish Council, Devon and Cornwall Police Commissioner Alison Hernandez and Cllr Jonathan Hawkins, Devon and South Hams Council ()

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Police Commissioner Alison Hernandez met with Devon and South Hams Councillor Jonathan Hawkins to hear concerns about the lack of police presence on the streets of Dartmouth.

Jonathan said: “We pay more year on year, but we seem to get less and less.

The anti-social behaviour and vandalism is a major concern for many of us and this needs to be addressed. I was assured the new police station on College Way is still planned and I asked for a completion date.”

He said Alison has accepted an invitation to visit Dartmouth in the near future - to meet councillors, businesses and residents and talk about concerns

Jonathan said speeding and road safety was also discussed at the Police Commissioner meeting with the possibility of setting up a community speed watch campaign.