Police in Dartmouth have been clamping down on anti-social behaviour after officers seized two motorbikes that were being ridden irresponsibly through the seaside town.

On the force’s Facebook page, it said that the bikers were spotted last week “riding anti socially through Dartmouth Town and within the Park and Ride car park”. In response, officers at the scene seized the vehicles while “offering advice to others present!”.

The statement added that police would do all they could “to reduce and prevent such behaviour”.

The incident sparked a heated response on Facebook, with some applauding the action by the police.

One woman said: “Do you really have to be revving them so late at night? I live right behind park and ride and it's so noisy for us up here trying to get our kids to bed, it's all fun and games until your (sic) the one that has to live with it every other night, everyone sticking up for this behaviour clearly doesn't hear a peep of it whilst enjoying a peaceful night's sleep.”

Others were however more critical of the police, accusing them of being heavy-handed.

“Our bikes may be loud, but they are legal. I’m sure a 16 and a 17 year old enjoying their motorbikes isn’t the biggest problem. I’m sure you can enjoy your weekend whilst we enjoy ours,” one person said.

According to policing guidelines, careless or inconsiderate use of a vehicle allows police powers of seizure. Additionally, police can act when noise levels “unreasonably and substantially interferes with the use or enjoyment of a home or other premises” or is “likely to injure health”.