Leave off for Heaven’s sake

Thursday 4th September 2014 10:00 pm

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Tris Tucker, of Halwell, Kingsbridge, writes: I write in response the letters from Messrs Murdock, Spencer and Peters in relation to the Widegates proposal. I take offence to these letters referring to James Heaven as arrogant. Mr Heaven is bravely fronting the proposal on behalf of many locally. Why is he arrogant simply because you don't agree with the idea? Why should he not be allowed to respond to the ridiculous letters from Messrs Klee and Howard? It is actually the approach of certain people opposing this proposal without cause or thought that is tantamount to arrogance. Much work has gone into this proposal. For example, stringent safety measures have been proposed, all environmental considerations have been taken into account and the proposal is that it would be restricted to one boat at a time on a relatively small and unused stretch of the vast estuary and only at certain states of the tide. Despite this, there have been inconsiderate and bigoted responses simply dismissing the idea absent consideration. Funnily enough, most of these out-of-hand rejections are coming from people already catered for on the estuary, such as the dinghy racers. What gives them the right to enjoy their hobbies while at the same time attempting to restrict others from doing so? It is utterly bewildering and discourteous. Some of the most recent comments are even more daft – no one has mentioned jet skis or powerboat racing – where does this come from? This narrow-minded and dismissive approach is what is causing the inflammation. Furthermore, the comment that all waterskiers are selfish is conjecture (and incredibly rude); where is the evidence of this? The only way the current impasse will be resolved is if the trial goes ahead and people work together in an adult fashion to resolve any issues that arise – grow up and let the trial go ahead. Stop saying no for the sake of it and do your research. l See News of the Weird, back page

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