I have noticed decline of town

Thursday 10th May 2018 1:54 pm

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Dartmouth, the ultimate destination for a perfect holiday.

I have spent holidays here since childhood, and now expect bi-yearly holidays with my children, grandchildren and friends.

Dartmouth, its inhabitants, the unique shops, hotels and residents haven’t changed.

This and more is why we return, but thanks, one thinks to those in power, a glaring decline.

There are many changes, not for the better. There is no longer a police station or hospital.

And what has happened to Royal Avenue Gardens? This once pristine, inspirational place of tranquility and beauty has sunk into a massive weed-ridden, uncut grass destination of decline.

A while ago, a possee of hard-working parks department men could be spotted working away at the crack of dawn to ensure this park is one of the best.

As if by magic, they disappeared and an amazing team of local volunteers started work, but there is only so much that a few people can do compared to workers who are paid by a council whose men and women at the top have lucrative salaries, paid for by high, very high, council taxes.

If these invisible decision makers don’t take heed of those of us who feel sad at the massive decline, Dartmouth will have no chance of once again winning Britain in Bloom, albeit it would be a top contender for Britain in Weeds.

Sara Williams

Midsomer Norton, Somerset

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