BARRIE FISHMAN, of Northville Road, Kingsbridge, writes:

I have never written to a newspaper before as I usually do not feel strongly about any issue to bother, however, Richard P Antwell's letter, April 6, was so erudite and reflects my views so closely, that I feel moved to do so.

 I absolutely concur that both local and central government have consisently evaded the issue, hence we are in the invidious situation we are in now, and, as far as I can see, there appears to be no easy way out.

All the authorities appear to be able to do is to bombard us with mealy-mouthed platitudes and hope we quietly shut up and cease bothering them.

We will not do so and we will not go away.

The more of us who voice our concern over the unacceptabilty of the situation, the more they will be forced to listen; the more they are made to listen, the more likely they are to act.

Both my husband and I retired and sold our small explosives business to build a better life here in the South Hams for our family and we are not prepared to sit back and watch as nothing is done.

Wake up Kingsbridge! Grasp the nettle and fight for what is right.