Feral cat attacking people around Kingsbridge warning

Wednesday 13th July 2016 12:48 pm
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A black cat with yellow eyes - not this cat ()

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A BLACK feral cat has been entering people’s houses in an attempt to find food and warmth but has attacked two people.

Sandra Handel, West Alvington, described it as black with ‘intense yellow eyes’ and said two people had had to go have hospital treatment after being attacked by it.

She said: ‘Do not approach it, it has attacked at least two people in fear, one in their own bedroom and another when it was disturbed in a garden.’

She said the cat was currently in the Tacket Wood area and warned dog walkers about the animal. One person found it on their landing in the middle of the night, but it ran away.

Sandra has contacted Cat’s Protection and the RSPCA but so far has had no luck. She continued: ‘I will continue to call local vets to see if they have a holding pen because then we could get a trap, but people should be warned.

‘I started feeding it last night to calm it and reduce the risk of it wandering into other properties through their cat flaps. When I got home yesterday it was trying to get in again. I have blocked the cat flaps and gave it a good feed, but it needs to be caught as it is a danger to people in its current frightened state.’


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