Jordan Farenden and Jack Henderson are two best friends who met on a holiday to Ibiza in 2012. Jack at the time was studying Chemical Engineering at Manchester University, and Jordan was about to begin studying Sport Science at the University of Leeds.

They saw each other whenever we could and whenever their friends got together and struck up a keen friendship, based on common interests in comedy, film, sport, and fine fresh pints.

After University Jordan moved just outside Totnes where he lived on a farm. Jordan takes up the story: “I began working for a trail running events company called Endurancelife, based in Kingsbridge while Jack began working at Rebellion, a Brewery based in Marlow.

“After a long distance cycle ride from Montreal to New York visiting as many breweries as possible, we decided to buy a small 25 litre kit, and start brewing ourselves on the farm I lived on just outside Totnes. “In 2021 Jack moved down to Devon and began working at Utopian Brewing and they both moved to Newton Abbot to brew together in their garage.

The name of the brewery comes from a classic country and western album which was a favourite of the pair called Copperhead Road. and the names of the beers are cultural references to things they like such as Pale Rider which is a hommage to Clint Eastwood, Deliverence to the film of the same name and July Flame which is their hazy summer.

Other brews include a solitary imperial stout at 8.8 per cent volume called Black Flamingo,

Big Brown Bear Brown Ale, Motley Best Bitter, High Noon and Crucial Pils.

Jordan and Jack did their first Totnes market in December 2021, and they have been doing Totnes, and other local markets and events ever since.

They increased from a 25 litre batch size to 100 litres in the first six months, and then a year or so later went up to 400 litres. They have outgrown their garage.

Jordan said: “Both of us have recently gone full time with the brewery to really try and make it work.

“We have brewed a total of around ten beers in the past five years.

“Our best bitter, Copperhead, is brewed continuously as is Pale Rider and we rotate the other beers.

They have taken on a unit in the industrial estate in Totnes, next to the Tamarind Tree.

They are expanding in size again and are now planning to open a brewery taproom and bottle shop, where people can come and enjoy their beers brewed and served onsite.

Jordan added: “Anyone who has a club or society, who may like to use the floor space in our brewery while we are brewing during the day, is welcome to do so for free. The beers are also vegan so can be enjoyed by most people.

The duo are hoping to open their new premises in early June.

To sum up Jordan said: “We’re really looking forward to being in Totnes which is a special and unique place.”