With regards to your recent article regarding the Little­hempston to Totnes cycle path and the use of the footbridge over the Dart, I would like to make the following comments. A figure of £40,000 to implement the whole scheme is just pie in the sky as the current bridge cost £172,000, 25 years ago, that’s without any compulsory purchases that would need to be made.

It has been stated that this is the preferred route for the cycle path and the cheapest option, I would like to see these calculations done independently not by those with an interest in this route, there is a far cheaper, and in my view better option by using Bourton Lane into Totnes, linking with the John Musgrave trail.

To say that all the other landowners are happy with the proposals is completely untrue, I can vouch for that as I am one of them and my neighbours also disagree for various reasons, we also stand with the rare breeds farm and South Devon Railway.

As we live on the proposed route, we see first hand the dangers of this route, recently a cyclist towing a child in a buggy got stuck between two vehicles with nowhere to go reducing the child to tears. A few metres either way could have resulted in a serious accident on the dark corner.

Luckily it was two relatively small vehicles and they sorted themselves out but what if it involved some of the large tractors or lorries that use the lane?

T Caunter