Since the end of October, a couple has been taking in donated bicycles, fixing them up, and now are hoping to give them to children or an organisation in need.

Alyson Cadd-Harlington and Andrew Harlington, have organised a project called ReCycle, where they’re fixing up unwanted bikes and then hoping to give them back to the community in time for Christmas.

However, the couple’s major problem now is finding charitable organisations or families in need who will take them.

Since they have put out the appeal on October 29, the couple from Chillington have been offered ten bikes, of which five have been fixable and the rest have been dissected for parts and then sent to the tip.

All of the up-cycled bikes have been renovated to good condition and have been fully “safety-checked” on the couple's own cost. The bikes are suitable for a range of children of all ages from a small pink one with training wheels to a teenage/adult-size mountain bike in “excellent condition”.

Andrew, who has been a cyclist all his life, also repairs bicycles for a living. So when he and Alyson found that perfectly good bikes were going to the tip, they decided to act.

They said that with Christmas coming up they thought they’d see what they could do for local families in need.

As part of the appeal, even if the bike is beyond repair, they’ll strip it for parts that can still be used, and take it to the tip free of charge.

“Our biggest issue, we suspect, is that the organisations that may have heard about us via the grapevine are assuming the bikes must be a bit ropey if people have given them to us. They are actually pretty good - it’s amazing what wealthy families are able to give away,” Alyson said. “The ropey ones we strip of parts and take to the tip.”

She said one of the bikes they received is about 18 months old and currently retails for about £180.

Andrew and Alyson are hoping to have them fully ready to go in the next two weeks so that interested organisations can acquire them in time for Christmas.

If enough interest is generated, the couple said they will continue the appeals into the new year.

If you’re interested in taking any of Andrew and Alyson’s ‘ReCycle’d bikes and giving them a home, email [email protected].