The Mother Roots project, supported by Transition Town Totnes, is holding a Community Engagement Day on Saturday May 18 from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

To explore what might shift if we consider ‘mothering’ in all it forms, together as a community.

This free event is open to all and will take place at the Totnes Civic Hall.

The programme starts with the RedEarth Playback Theatre’s interactive performance at 11am.

Throughout the day you can also visit the Art Exhibition, live and digital performances, all around the theme of Mothering and it’s a chance to to interact.

Mother Roots started in 2021, when TTT hosted an exploratory process to stimulate projects in the community after the lockdowns.

Helen Jacoby and Johara Bellali met at this event and both agreed their experience of mothering, as their embodied parenting experience and mothering in their environmental work, held so many parallels for what is needed in facing our future together as a community toward a just transition.

From the day to day concerns of parenting/caring in our town, to upholding a relational holistic approach in strategic decision making, Mother Roots believes that making this vital capacity more visible to us all is a key component in building our connection and resilience as a community.

Please feel welcome to join them and if you would like to help out visit: [email protected].

They would like to thank the Frederik Mulder Foundation, to Transition Together through the Community Lottery Fund