Denise Hughes, of Barnfield, Totnes, writes:

I am sorry to be a bore about this and perhaps everyone is tired of the parking issue but I really must make people aware of charges in Kingsbridge's Quay car park.

Nobody wants to pay unnecessarily. I attend a weekly evening group in Kingsbridge and understood that after 6pm during the winter period, from November 1 to March 24, there is no charge to park there.

The South Hams Council website is slightly misleading, so I phoned to confirm and was given the above information.

One of my neighbours, however, was given totally different information and was told that there was definitely no free parking at any time.

It was suggested that she should purchase a residents' permit at a cost of £21.

This to me seems totally unfair and possibly a way of forcing people to make purchases which are not needed.

There must be a huge revenue from car parks and the very least that South Hams Council could do would be to get its information right.

On a similar note, I have a leisure permit which allows me free parking in the Cattle Market car park.

Although, after more questions, it seems that I may park at the southern end of Quay car park, again during the low season.

This is not stated on my permit or on the website.

If the rules are unclear and misleading, and if people cannot access accurate information, then they will park wrongly and no doubt be fined accordingly.

l A spokesman for South Hams Council told the Gazette: 'The writer is correct in that during the winter period, low season November 1 to March 24, there is no overnight charge to park in Quay car park. There is only charging between 8am and 6pm. The signs and the website are clear about that.

'In high season, March 25 to October 31, there is a night charge of £2 between 6pm and 8am. The tariff table in the machine is changed at the beginning of the high season and will then show the £2 night charge.

'I cannot comment on the conversation between the writer's neighbour and the council as I do not know what precise questions were asked.

'Leisure permit holders may park for four hours in the Cattle Market car park, as indicated on their permits.

'For some months the parking team has been allowing leisure permit holders to park in Quay car park during low season as the car parking order containing the rules was about to be formally changed by the council to allow leisure permit holders to park also in Quay car park all year, except June, July and August.

'This change in the order is about to be published in the press.

'The machines in Quay car park reflect this relaxation. The one by the leisure centre shows that leisure permits are valid.'