ALPACAS from a Winkleigh farm are proving a big hit with the public at the Devon County Show.

The alpacas of Woolley Animals in Winkleigh were today performing their meet and greet on the Children’s Hospice South West stand.

Cathy and Stuart Woolley run their farm park with Katie Darcey, Mike Powell and Julie Clark.

Cathy explained that alpacas were a soothing presence and make good therapy animals.

As well as alpaca walks, their animals go to care homes and other places where people find their companionship a tonic.

The animals’ presence on the children’s hospice stand encourages people to visit and find out more.

Woolley Animals have a connection with the hospice because their alpacas do therapy visits to seriously ill children.

Cathy explained how alpacas first came into her life.

“My mum bought me an alpaca walk and I came back and said to Stuart we have got to do this for a living. He said, don’t be so stupid, but seven years later here we are!”

They started out with a few alpacas and offered alpaca walks. “Then during covid people said could they come along and look at the animals and it grew into a farm park. We also do care home visits, therapy and weddings.”

Alpacas are gentle animals, Cathy stressed, and are very soft to stroke.

You can come and meet them at the Devon County Show at Westpoint near Exeter, which is running today until Saturday, May 16-18.