SOME 15 volunteers turned out in force to help clear a pathway in readiness for a weekly 5 kilometre Parkrun, due to kick off in April.

Sara Mills and her team of volunteers have spent the past 12 months raising £4,000 towards timing equipment, signs, high visibility jackets for marshals, a laptop and even a defibrillator in order to set up the new Parkrun in Totnes.

Last Sunday, the crew spent two hours shovelling leaves and mud from the Sharpharm Cycle Path to make it safe for runners and walkers.

Event director Sara said: “I would like to thank all of the volunteers who gave up their free time to work hard at clearing the path of mud and leaves.

“I will be delighted when the Sharpham Estate Parkrun finally starts in April.

“There has been a lot of preparatory work behind the scenes by a dedicated group of volunteers.

“We have been ensuring that we have all the documentation such as public liability insurance, risk assessment and agreement from landowners in place before starting.

“We have also been training volunteers and run directors.”

Sara continued: “Parkrun is an excellent way for people to get more active, to set goals in terms of fitness and meet people 

“I love Parkrun as it is a way of keeping physically active outdoors. Parkruns are generally, like this one, in beautiful settings and it is a joy to be running or walking with others.

“We are aiming to start with a fairly small group of runners every Saturday - around 50.

“Anyone can take part, no matter what their age or fitness or physical ability. You can walk or run.”

The circular Totnes Parkrun on the hilly Sharpham cycle path is part of a national Parkrun event which takes place in hundreds of venues across the UK every Saturday at 9am.

To take part runners must register with Parkrun at

For more information or to volunteer email Sara at [email protected]