ON Sunday, nine gymnasts from Kingsbridge Gymnastics Club travelled up to Gryphon School for the South West Spring Tumbling Championships.

This is the first tumbling competition that the club has taken part in since 2018.

In the first round taking part in club level four, Agnes was third, Louisa second and Isabel first. In club level three, India was first place. In the second round of club level three, Luna came in first place. In the third round at club level three, Indie was second and, at club level four, Elsie was first. The fourth and final round saw Freya second and Imogen first.

Freya and India were moved up a whole age group but still executed the skills brilliantly. A big thank you to all the parents for their support and patience over the day. Coaches Sandy and Annie are extremely proud of all the girls; as always, the gymnasts never fail to impress.