Two South Hams towns have been named as some of the most peaceful destinations in the UK.

Dartmouth and Kingswear were both included in the top ten of the destinations in an index compiled by CBD store ICE Headshop, who sought to find the most peaceful staycation in the country.

The index was created by compiling a seed list of peaceful locations, and then analysing weighted variables including crime rates, Instagram hashtags, population and peaceful outdoor activities.

These factors were combined to establish an overall peace score out of 100 for each of the analysed locations.

Dartmouth ranked as the second most peaceful place in the UK and Kingswear ranked as the eighth.

Dartmouth’s ‘peace score’ was calculated to be 85.26 out of 100, just 1.36 points behind the number one destination, Bassenthwaite in Cumbria (86.62 points).

The town had the highest population of any destination in the top ten, with 5,062, and accordingly had a large number of Instagram hashtags, at 10,500 - not the highest overall, but more than any other destination in the top five.

However, the natural attributes of Dartmouth brought it to the top end of the table, with an abundance of trails - 27 hiking trails, 13 bird-watching trails, and three fishing trails.

Dartmouth was also judged to have a crime rate of 42 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, which was lower than four of the other destinations.

Kingswear, with a population of 1,217, had a lower crime rate, with 17 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, but more Instagram hashtags, with 37,200.

While there were still plenty of trails in Kingswear, it lagged behind Dartmouth, with eight hiking trails, six bird-watching trails, and two fishing trails, and its total peace score was 71.19.

Dan Currey, expert at, commented: “Devon is known for its spectacular coastline, quaint village, and farming life which is perhaps why it is the perfect staycation spot!

“It has a mixture of cafes that will serve you up the most authentic cream tea (the correct way - jam on top) and walks that will give you solitude if you desire a peaceful retreat from the usual hustle and bustle that you experience in regular life.

“Kingswear, in particular, is a perfect example of a village that has a small population (1,217) and therefore is perfect for those who want guaranteed little to no noise pollution and to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

“Likewise, being surrounded by wildlife and idyllic scenery is sure to reduce anxiety often triggered by an intense fast-paced city.”