We are excited to introduce a new weekly feature: 'Your Voice', where we delve into handpicked topics for your opinion. Each week we'll talk with residents, capturing your insights, opinions, and stories. The series aims to amplify your voice within our community, providing a platform for diverse perspectives and fostering meaningful and sometimes fun dialogue. Join us as we explore the issues and ideas that shape our shared experience, one conversation at a time. With the news that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has become the highest-grossing concert tour of all time, according to data from live music trade publication Pollstar, making history as the first tour to gross over one billion dollars. We were curious to know if residents in Devon share the same enthusiasm for Swift or if they find inspiration in other musicians.

This week's topic is: "Which musical artist inspires you?"

Josh from Kingsbridge said: “I’m not really a fan of Taylor Swift. I think Eminem's quite good. His music is really inspiring it's quite Iconic. His ability to blend intricate wordplay with raw emotion sets him apart in the rap genre.”

Josh From Kingsbridge
Josh From Kingsbridge (Josh From Kingsbridge )
Alison from Kingsbridge
Alison from Kingsbridge (Alison from Kingsbridge )

Alison from Kingsbridge said: “I really like Melanie Martinez and Kali Uchis. I like Melanie Martinez's sort of alt-like style, it's quite different and she uses a lot of sound effects in her work and it's interesting, and I like Kali Uchis because it's quite chilled out and she's got cool lyrics.”

Andy and Sue Branch from Hertfordshire
Andy and Sue Branch from Hertfordshire (Andy and Sue Branch from Hertfordshire)

Sue and Andy from Hertfordshire said: "Anyone but Taylor Swift! Keane is probably one of our favourites. They have good songs and good lyrics with a good message and they've been going for ages. We've seen them probably about seven or eight times." Andy added: "My favourite is probably Coldplay more, but the same ballpark area as Sue; that kind of indie music. I like their earlier stuff rather than the much more recent songs though."

Chris Stoops from Kingsbridge
Chris Stoops from Kingsbridge (Chris Stoops from Kingsbridge )

Chris Stoops from Kingsbridge said: "I really like Mary Hopkins. She sang folk music and it was music that I was into in the sixties. The Beatles I was into because I was only about ten then, but when I got to about 16, Mary Hopkins, I think, was my favourite singer."

Tom Rook from Norfolk
Tom Rook from Norfolk (Tom Rook from Norfolk )

Tom Rook from Norfolk said: "I don't really have a favourite. I like a bit of everything from Rammstein to Classical. It all just depends on what kind of mood I'm in."