A group of Kingsbridge residents plans to fight a planning application for an extension to a marine retail unit and the building of a cafe.

The application has been put in by Wills Marine on The Promenade and there is currently a public consultation.

The leader of a group of concerned residents, Graham Keddie, said: “If this is allowed to go ahead, this development will affect the historic Pindar Lodge and the Malts with a loss of light and view, as well as Quay Cottage which could be affected by the kitchen smells as well as there would be more people milling around.

“At the moment residents at Grade II-listed Pindar Lodge aren’t allowed to put up satellite dishes, window boxes, they are told what colour to paint the exterior and aren’t allowed to put washing out.

“All this to preserve the exterior appearance of the property.”

One objector wrote: “I am the owner and full-time resident of Pindar Lodge.

“I am lucky enough to have a lovely view from my windows across to The Creeks End and the estuary. When I purchased the property I thought being in a conservation area would protect me from developments such as the one proposed.

“I will lose my view. I am also very concerned about cooking smells, noise and hours of operation.

“I presume the application constitutes change of use, what stops it becoming a full blown restaurant?

“As I understand it Pindar Lodge is a listed building because the people of Kingsbridge can see it.

“I presume if this application is granted we will be able to paint it any colour we want, and put in big windows as we will no longer be seen.

“I also believe the land that the applicant occupy used to belong to Pindar Lodge and when sold the deeds had a section protecting the view of Pindar Lodge.

“Obviously I do not have access to the applicants deeds but hopefully the planning department does. To say I am distraught and the thought of the further development of the site is an understatement!

“I can only hope that the planning department will see sense and protect the interests of local residents and the conservation area over businesses looking to increase their profits!”

The owner of Wills Marine, Martin Wills, said: “This is basically going to be an updating of the planning permission that was already granted back in 2000.

“The pitched roof will allow light into the flats on the side.

“As for the cafe, it will be more of a coffee shop selling tea and cakes.

“We have no plans to do chips or anything like that.”

The application states: “It is proposed to build an extension to the existing retail unit to accommodate a new showroom to facilitate the display and sale of small new boats.

“The building will also include a café and a small outside terrace area for eating and drinking when the weather is fair.

“The boats, which are currently stored in the yard, will be kept at another more suitable and less visually sensitive location, away from the centre of town.

“The new building will have a triple pitched roof with lead lined valley gutters and will be similar in appearance to historic maritime workshop type buildings. This approach is sympathetic to the history of the site and will be in keeping with the surrounding buildings and the wider conservation area.

“The pitched roofs will be covered in natural slates and have large industrial/heritage style roof windows to allow in lots of natural light. The walls will generally be constructed from natural stone and facing brickwork with some timber cladding at high level.

“The southwest elevation will be largely glazed to display the boats. The existing stone wall, metal gates and railings on the front boundary of the site will remain except for a new pedestrian gate to allow access to the café.

“The new showroom will be linked to the existing shop via a flat roof link which will also provide the opportunity to re-build the poor-quality part of the existing building.

The consultation ends on March 7.