Kingsbridge Town Council are warning of exceptionally high tides.

Between Monday March 11 and Wednesday March 13, the tides will be amongst the biggest of the year.

The key dates/times are: Monday 6am to 7.30am 5.6 metres Tuesday 6.30am to 8am 5.7 metres and Wednesday 13th 7.15am to 8.45am. 5.6m

A spokesperson said: “Without any assistance from rainfall etc, we know from past experience that lower Ilbert Road in the vicinity of the Bus Station, Bridge Street and Mill Street will flood given 5.6/5.7m tides. “Monday 11 should only catch early commuters and to a greater extent Tuesday 12th.

“The key date is Wednesday 13 which will catch commuters, school run and students walking to KCC. The evening tides of the three days may also be disruptive. “

A listing of high tides during 2024 can be found at:

You are advised to navigate around these locations and plan your day, if possible, to avoid driving at these times.

If you believe you or your business may be at risk in neighbouring Estuary areas and are in need of sandbags, the council can help.

Please contact reception at KTC on telephone 01548.853296 to collect between 9.30am and 1pm.

Double check drains outside your homes to make sure they’re clear of debris etc and make sure you don’t park your cars over drains