TWO adorable baby alpacas, known as ’crias’ or ’alpaclettes’, have been born on a farm near Dartmouth.

Katie and Nicko Franks have welcomed two new additions over the last couple of weeks with two more expected any minute at Thorn Farm, Venn.

Katie explained that alpacas are a camelid, a close relation to camels and llamas, and that their hair, not wool, can be spun and used in fabrics and clothing, and they create sand baths for themselves where they roll.

Alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years, originating in South America. There are no known wild alpacas, and its closest living relative, the vicuña, which is also native to South America, are believed to be the wild ancestor of the alpaca.

Alpacas can kick and spit and, along with llamas, are known to be naturally aggressive towards canines, dogs, foxes etc, which makes them good guard animals, being used to protect herds of sheep and other animals.

A competition to name one of the new arrivals is currently being discussed to raise money for the Dartmouth and District Indoor Pool Trust. We will update the story as soon as we know more, but in the meantime – look how cute!