VIDEO: Beautiful caterpillar becomes beautiful moth

Wednesday 25th July 2018 10:39 am
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The moth in Chris' garden in Malborough ()

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In an update to yesterday’s story when John Peacock found an unusual caterpillar in his garden, someone thinks they’ve found the adult version.

In our previous story, we think we have narrowed down the species to a Privet Hawk Moth caterpillar, and now Chris Preece thinks he’s found a Privet Hawk Moth in his garden in Malborough. He took some photos and also a stunning short video of it fluttering its wings, which you can see below.

Butterfly Conservation, a charity, said: "When they emerge as moths, they are the UK’s largest resident hawk-moth with a 9-12cm wingspan. They have a pink and black striped abdomen and hindwings, but these are not always visible and the strength of the pink varies."

Thank you to both Chris and John for the photos, please feel free to send photos of interesting things you find in the garden to [email protected] and if you think we have the identification wrong, please get in touch!*******

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