Two people were rescued by the Bigbury and Kingsbridge Coastguard Rescue services after their car left a causeway and became submerged by the incoming tide.

According to reports, the pair were travelling across the Aveton Gifford tidal road when they got into difficulty.

Details of the incident as well as two photos were released this week, although the callout happened on July 19.

The Coastguard Rescue Teams were sent out, and by the time they arrived the water was already over waist depth. The two had at this stage left their car and "were waiting on the other side of the stakes", according to a statement on the Bigbury rescue team's Facebook page.

It added that the two individuals “were safely returned to the main carpark with damp clothes and bruised prides".

It pointed out that there were several large pot holes on the tidal road in addition to “some subsidence”, explaining that one of the car’s wheels had gone off the edge and got stuck.

It added a warning to the public, appealing to “take care and respect that the road is tidal”.

By sheer coincidence, the team had been practicing a rescue operation for a similar scenario at the same location the night before.