On Friday June 23rd and Saturday June 24th, Dartmouth residents with boats and those who have their floating refuges here but live elsewhere, are planning two days of activities to promote boating in all its forms.

Charley Horton, one of the organisers explained: “What we want is for more people to use their boats. It’s just a bit of fun; the whole idea is a day out without having to think about additional costs. It’s not a fund-raising event.

“We’re encouraging all ages to use their boats; very much a family day.

“There is a dress code of sorts. For fun, men are encouraged to wear red trousers and women blue, hooped tops. Hence we called it Red Trouser Day.

“On the Friday, we plan to sail to Tuckenhay for fish and chips, leaving Dartmouth at 12.30pm.

“On Saturday, we plan fishing and wake-boarding and a picnic in Coronation Park.

“All the details are on Facebook, just search for Red Trouser Day.”