The deadline has been extended if you’d like to send your festive greetings on the Modbury Community Christmas card.

Would you like to sign the community Christmas card and wish your fellow friends a Merry Christmas? For a contribution of £5 a family or £10 for a business you can have your family’s names and a small greeting: e.g. ‘Merry Christmas love from Chris, Jess, Grace & Ted Murry’ or ‘Sue & Tom Granger’

The Christmas card will be put online, emailed to any supplied email addresses and displayed in the window of Pickles in Modbury on the December 21.

Like a lot of nurseries and preschools in the country they are experiencing financial challenges. The gap between our income and running costs has widened in comparison to pre-pandemic times. This is due to the increase in expenditure in rates, food, equipment, resources  expenditure & wages, alongside less children attending the preschool and School’s out. There are new challenges ahead too, for example you my be aware that government funding for three and four year olds is set to increase by a lesser percentage than the minimum wage will increase.

There will be a huge amount of effort this year to plug the gap and continue to make them a sustainable charity. One important source of income will be generated through fundraising. Any donations will be gratefully received and we will be hosting events throughout the year to provide opportunities to do so.

You now have until 10pm tonight (December 16) to feature on the card so if you would like to join in please visit