A Kingsbridge-based provider of in-home care, is adding a dash of colour and a pinch of friendly competition to its clients' summers with the launch of the Summer Sunflower Growing Competition.

Inspired by the green thumb of one of their own, Live-In Care Case Manager Lindsey, the competition organised by CareYourWay aims to spread joy and spark excitement among clients and caregivers alike.

Lindsey's inspiration sprouted from her family's sunflower-growing adventures last summer when some seeds to feed their winged friends fell into the ground and a few weeks later, unexpectedly spurted into stunning young flowers. Eager to share the joy with CareYourWay's community of their wonderful clients, she proposed the idea of a sunflower-growing competition.

“It's not just about who grows the tallest sunflower; it's about spreading joy

"Sunflowers bring such brightness and cheerfulness to any space. I thought, why not bring that joy directly to our clients' homes?" Lindsey shared.

Armed with a bag of seeds from her garden, Lindsey spearheaded the initiative, accompanied by a comprehensive "Guide to Growing" for clients and their carers. The guide outlines simple steps to plant and care for sunflowers, ensuring that everyone can participate regardless of their gardening experience. From planting the seeds to daily care routines, the guide promises a rewarding journey for all involved.

With the competition set to conclude toward the end of August, anticipation is high as clients and caregivers eagerly tend to their sunflower seeds. Organisers hope to see a plethora of vibrant photos showcasing the progress of their green-thumbed growers.

The competition embodies acommitment to promoting a sense of community and joy among its clients. As the warm weather approaches, the Summer Sunflower Growing Competition offers an opportunity for clients and their carers to bond over a shared love for nature and friendly competition.

As the sunflower seeds take root and begin to sprout, CareYourWay looks forward to a summer filled with laughter, growth, and the simple joy of watching sunflowers reach for the sky. With Lindsey's inspiration leading the way, this fun summer competition promises to be a blooming success, bringing sunshine and smiles to all involved.