Staverton Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by a large majority.

The plan sets out planning policies and includes things such as protecting green spaces, encouraging better design and ensuring housing meets local needs.

The local community voted by 88 per cent (212 votes) to 12 per cent (29 votes) in favour.

Chair of the Staverton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Alison Alexander said:

“We’re over the moon with the result.

“We’ve been working since 2016 on the plan and a number of people have come and gone, all contributing something.

“The process has involved wading through large amounts of red tape.

“It’s important that people understand that it’s not just about planning.

“Green spaces and energy efficiency have been important aspects.

Outgoing Chair and now Vice-Chair of Staverton Parish Council Wendy Warren added:

“We’re absolutely delighted.

“There has been so much hard work and determination from people.

“This will give the village more control.”