The South Hams landmark Start Point radio transmitting station with its iconic twin towers is due to stop it’s transmissions.

The transmitter, now owned by Arqiva, covers a large slice of south Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and beyond. The site was first used the year World War 2 broke out in 1939. It has carried a number of services on different frequencies over the years, including short wave transmissions.

Cuts announced by the BBC’s Director-General Tim Davie this week (May 26) include that BBC Radio Five Live will stop broadcasting on AM - meaning the service on 693kHz from Start Point is set to close.

Other measures to be introduced will include BBC Radio Devon sharing more programming at off-peak times, and BBC Radio 4’s Long Wave service will be closed down.

The services will continue to be available on FM, DAB, BBC Sounds and via smart speakers.