A long-distance runner has described the satisfaction of crossing the finish line first in a gruelling 50km run across Dartmoor.

Decorator Andrew Perry, 52, ran from Okehampton to his hometown of Ivybridge in a time of five hours and two minutes on Saturday, September 7.

The 50km run was organised by Climb South West and around 150 runners participated.

Andrew, an amateur photographer who took pictures throughout the journey, raised £300 for The Emotional Logic Centre.

The Emotional Logic Centre, based in Ivybridge, is a training organisation that promotes healthy adjustments for wellbeing and prevents mental illness in individuals.

The run began at 8am and covered Hangingstone Hill, Dartmoor’s third-highest peak at approximately 600m altitude, Postbridge, Belliver Tor, Snowdon and Leftlake.

The finishing line was at Ivybridge Community College.

Andrew said: “Because of my passion for Dartmoor I’ve always wanted to run from north to south in one go and this event came up which ticked all the boxes.

“Dartmoor is an amazing place and I now spend most my running time up there with my camera. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a few more pictures during the run!

“This was my first Ultra Trail Run so I had no idea how things would turn out towards the end. It was amazing to finish in relatively good shape and great to be first to cross the finish line.”

If you wish to support Andrew by donating, visit: www.emotionallogiccentre.org.uk.

You can view Andrew’s photographs and blog about the day on his website: www.betweenstones.co.uk.