South West Water says it is continuing to fight an ongoing sewage problem at the Quayside in Kingsbridge.

Jay Harris, Head of Catchment for Waste Water Services at SWW, said: “People in Kingsbridge will know that we’ve had some flooding from our sewer system in recent weeks which has been inundated following the long downpours of rain in the area.

“We’re very sorry for the disruption this has caused and we want to reassure everyone that we’re taking urgent action to get to the bottom of this as quickly as we can and we’ve seen the network recover over the last week.

“We’re working with the Environment Agency and local councils and we want to thank everyone for their patience while we resolve this issue.”

Tankering is taking place from Westville Sewage Pumping Station, near Tacket Wood, to take flows away and reduce pressure on the system.

South West Water are also maintaining a presence in Kingsbridge to reduce the impact on the town.

Kingsbridge Town Council have brought out a leaflet called ‘Flooding in Kingsbridge.’

It contains advice such as: only flush the 3 P’s- pee paper and poo is all that should be going down you loo.

Kingsbridge Mayor Cllr Philip Cole said: “We want action rather than words.

“As a Town Council we are lobbying harder than ever to get things sorted.”

“The problem has largely gone now that the heavy rain has abated but could return if there’s more heavy rain.

“The issue seens to be the drains aren’t fit for purpose and the sewage surges up through the manhole in the car park and into the Estuary.

“Too much pressure builds up and the drains can’t cope.”

Cllr Cole added: ‘Things are starting to go in the right direction:

“The good thing is the different agencies- South West Water, the Environment Agency, South Hams District Council and Devon County Council now appear to be speaking to each other.

A flood drop-in is planned on Saturday April 6 at Kingsbridge Market Hall between 10am and 2pm.