Tony Fox, operations director, Royal Mail South West Region, writes:

In response to claims that privatisation could wreck our postal service, I would like to set out some important context.

In 2011, Parliament passed the Postal Services Act. It set a framework for private investment in Royal Mail.

Private investment will still allow Royal Mail to continue to deliver the universal service: a six-days-a-week service at a uniform price across the country, including to remote and rural areas. These commitments are protected in statute, and will continue to apply whether the Royal Mail is in private or public ownership.

Royal Mail has among the highest service specifications of any major European country. These would also apply were Royal Mail to be sold.

Royal Mail has an opportunity to grow. While we all now send fewer letters, the growth in online retailing has meant an increase in the number of parcels.

We are in a strong position to meet this demand. We already have the largest UK delivery network and we are one of the most trusted companies in the UK. But we need to make significant investment to stay ahead of the competition.

The UK Government's financial position means that this investment must come from the private sector. This in turn will help us to continue to deliver the universal service.

The finances of Royal Mail have been transformed in recent years. We are now a profitable business. That matters. It enables us to continue to provide a high quality rural postal service.

There is a brighter future for Royal Mail and we are ready to deliver it. More information can be found at http://www.royalmail">www.royalmail capital.