Residents have complained about the destruction of a community green space after someone has cleared all trees and bushes from the area.

Land at Seymour Drive, Townstal was for many years used by residents as a local park and green space.

However, earlier this year, a fence was placed around the green space and a caravan placed on the site.

Very recently the fence and caravan were removed and this week, residents discovered all the trees had been cut down and the branches left on the green space

People have expressed their concern with how it may have disrupted some animal habitats.

The section of land in question is on Seymour Drive, opposite Oakwood Close.

A resident of Seymour Drive on Monday, July 16, said: “Over the weekend the owner of the land has taken the fence down, but he has also cut down all the trees and bushes that were on the land.

“These bushes were home to numerous roosting birds and their chicks that have hatched and have now had their homes destroyed.

“He has then left all the huge cuttings on the piece of land, making it look like an eyesore. And as it is wood drying out in this heat, a fire hazard.”

A spokesman from the police said it would probably be no more of a fire hazard now than it would have been while the trees and bushes were still standing.

Before the destruction of trees, the land had been fenced off and a caravan placed on it. In January of this year, residents were angry when the static caravan was deposited on the land.

Last year, when the fencing was put up around the land, the owner Nicholas Unwin was facing enforcement to remove the fencing from around the land.

Back in 2017, the owner put in a planning application for two dwellings with associated parking and garden to be built on this green space. It was refused planning permission and again refused after the owner appealed.