Poo stick for lazy dog owners

Monday 10th August 2015 8:00 am

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S Gilmore, of Crowthers Hill, Dartmouth, writes:

I have had enough of picking up poo left by the dogs of lazy pet owners who can’t be ­bothered to carry dog-poo bags when they walk their dogs around Dartmouth.

In particular, there are dog owners who walk their dogs in Crosby meadow who think it is okay to let their dogs do their business but can’t be bothered to bag it. There are two dog-poo bins available there and it is not ­difficult to use them. So use them!

I saw a woman the other day watch her dog poo on the main path and then walk away without picking it up. Unfortunately for me I was too far away to snap a photograph of her.

Had I been closer I would have happily posted her photo on Facebook along with this ­letter. It was lucky for her, because if I had caught up with her I would have thrown it in her face with no regrets.

Lazy dog owners beware, I’ve had enough of your crappy attitude and I will give you ­serious grief if I catch you not picking up your dog’s mess.

Do the right thing and have some respect – it’s not beneath you to behave properly and, for your dog’s sake, be clean and have a care.

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