Town councillors have withdrawn their objections to controversial plans for three homes, following a revised planning application.

The first application in 2016 to build the homes, on land opposite Lyndale in Salcombe, was opposed by the town council.

Revised plans were submitted to South Hams District Council in last November and debated by the town council at its December meeting.

Applicants Martin King and Martin Payne told councillors they had made amendments to the previous application following the councils objections. These included reducing the height of the homes to resolve concerns about them overlooking neighbouring properties.

Mayor Mike Fice said he felt the height reduction of two of the homes had resolved the issue. Other councillors agreed.

However, concerns were raised about a view from a road side bench which could be blocked by the proposed development.

Cllr Tony Lang emphasised the importance of this view and believed that the previous objections based on the disruption to the view, should remain.

However, councillors decided to not object to the revised plans but noted that the view from the bench to the creek would be obscured.

Since the plans were first submitted in May 2016 the plans have attracted numerous objections.

Recently, objectors have reaffirmed their previous concerns about the plans, saying their concerns had not been resolved by the revised plans.

Ms J Newman said the revised development would still be “overbearing” and “intrusive” to residents below in Knowle Road and Coronation Road. She described the view from the bench on Onslow Road as “precious” because it was one of the few places from which Snapes Point and beyond could be seen.

Philip Pritchard, of Dell Court, Onslow Road, said the revised plans “do nothing to address our previous comments”.

In June 2016, he objected to the “overdevelopment” of the site, and claimed the proposal would be “overbearing” for properties in Knowle Road. He claimed the homes would be too high and would be “visually detrimental to the area”.

He said residents of Dell Court were concerned about vehicles exiting onto Onslow Road into a “narrow busy road” where there tends to be fast traffic and poor sight lines.

Theo Spink, of Knowle Road, claimed the houses will dominate the skyline; reduce sunlight hours in Knowle Court; invade privacy; and the view from the bench would be lost.

Former mayor Rob Wheeler claimed there had been no response “regarding a drainage assessment” which has formally been raised under the Internal Consultee Response.

Amjad Khan, a drainage specialist at South Hams District Council, said the council had insufficient information about the drainage. He said: “As such we would recommend that the application is not decided until these issues have been overcome.”

Martin King, one of the applicants, said he attended the meeting where the revised plans were discussed “very democratically” and he was very “pleased with the result”.

Writing in support of the application, Christopher Limb said: “This is an infill site, which could provide three new homes for local families, which is in line with government guidelines on planning.”

Judd Neiman, writing in support of the plans, said: “The proposal to build three dwellings on this plot of land is both in keeping with the area and will provide for lower cost housing in an area that is in desperate need of such facilities.

“Given the large number of developments already under way in the town, and the fact that this development is using an area of waste ground, I can see no reason for this submission to be refused.”

Neil Readfern, from Newton Ferrers, wrote: “The architect should be commended on this design which is imaginative yet sits politely alongside the existing adjacent properties.”

The final decision on the plans rest with South Hams District Council.

To see the plans and the comments in full, visit the district council’s website and search for planning reference 1240/16/FUL.